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International shipping business booking, chartering, customs clearance, commodity inspection, animal and plant inspection, declaration of dangerous goods, warehousing and ground transportation service for your cargo in shipping distance arrangement, operation time, provide effective suggestion to transport schedule the whole case goods, LCL cargo, bulk cargo, fresh, frozen, general chemicals transport maritime transportation insurance agent business

Our business operates a fleet of tugboats, tankers, carriers and work vessels.

Our company has a close relationship with major international shipping companies and airlines, and has established a long-term good cooperative relationship. Operating routes covering the world's major routes, Asia to central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, India and Pakistan as the company's traditional advantage routes. 

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No matter what the final destination of your goods is, we can do a better job for you, aiming to arrive on time, even faster! Over the years, the integrity of our company has provided us with a reliable reputation, with mature service capabilities.
On-time departure, on-time arrival, low price, full speed, safe, fast, timely delivery.


Our mission statement

We firmly believe in the quality and importance of connecting the trading world
Our goal is to provide efficient, effective and reliable services to the Marine construction and maintenance industry worldwide。​​​​