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The terms of service
Registered - congratulations on your success become members XXX shipping logistics co., LTD., if the shipper, the contents of this agreement shall come into force in this agreement before consulting the national unified service hotline: 400-123-456
a, shipper declaration
the shipper should press officer online program content, including but not limited to the consignee's name or the name, the name, nature, quantity, weight, volume, place of receipt to declare. The shipper shall indemnify the carrier for any loss caused by false declaration or omission of important information; The carrier shall not indemnify the shipper for the loss or forfeiture of the cargo.
if the shipper allows the contractor to open the cargo for inspection, it shall be noted in the "other provisions" column of the consignment letter, otherwise it shall be deemed that the carrier is not allowed to open the cargo for inspection. If the carrier's vehicle is detained because of the carrying of contraband, inflammable, explosive, poisonous or harmful articles, the shipper shall compensate the carrier 500 yuan for each day of detention.
compensation for damages if the shipper does not apply for insured transportation, when the cargo is damaged or lost (including theft, robbery and fraud), the air freight shall be 20 yuan per kilogram for the lost part, and the air freight shall be twice the freight for the lost part. In the case of insured transport, the higher amount of compensation shall be the declared value, but the part higher than the actual value of the consignment shall not be covered. In case of partial damage or loss, the shipper shall submit to the carrier an appraisal report on the loss or damage issued by a competent authority. In any event, the carrier shall not be liable for consequential loss. When packing, the shipper or carrier's delivery of the goods packaging is intact, and within a short loss of spoiled, the carrier shall not be compensation. Loading and unloading carrier to pick up the goods or delivery, loading and unloading responsibility by the shipper or consignee. Even if the carrier assists the loading and unloading, but the resulting personal and property damages have nothing to do with the carrier. Transportation term domestic goods will arrive on the 15th since the date of shipment. For each day overdue, 1% of the freight shall be paid, the higher of which shall not exceed the cashier's freight.
disclaimer XXX logistics makes no warranty of any kind as to the availability, accuracy or reliability of this website or the materials and information provided by it, including but not limited to property rights, risks, non-infringement, accuracy, reliability, merchantability, correctness of use, suitability for a particular purpose or other appropriateness.
so-and-so logistics does not guarantee that the service of this website can meet the requirements of customers, does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, does not guarantee that the service is timely, safe, true and error free, nor does it guarantee that the information sent by customers can be completely accurate, timely and smooth transmission.
in no event shall xx logistics be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss, damage, liability or business interruption resulting from the use or inability to use the services provided by this website.
litigation jurisdiction the dispute under this agreement shall be settled by litigation in the court of the carrier's domicile. agreement effective and effective this agreement takes effect when the customer clicks the "submit" button. The invalidity of any provision of this agreement for any reason shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this agreement.